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23 Health Tweaks I Have Made Since 2014

The path from stoppable to unstoppable is not a matter of life defining changes. It’s really all about skillfully implemented tweaks you make here and there along your journey. Nowhere is this more applicable than in the world of health and fitness.

Many have looked to me as an expert since I started Strength By Sonny in 2014, but even then my knowledge doesn’t compare to what I know today.

I have learned a ton and this knowledge has encouraged me to make the following adjustments over the last 3+ years.

1. Drink More Water.

This was a rookie mistake I was making for the longest time. Back in the fall of 2014, one of my roommates told me straight up that I don’t drink enough water. “Bro most people are dehydrated because they don’t drink enough water. They need to be drinking a gallon a day. You’re a big motherfucker who’s big into fitness. You need to be drinking close to 2!”

He was right. From that moment on, I’ve carried a water jug around with me every single day. In a way, that was a critical moment in my life.

2. Drink Aquafina Water.

health tweaks

Changing the water I drink is one of many recent health “tweaks” I have made.

Speaking of water, water fluoridation is the primary means by which the secret elite are waging war on both men and women. So I did a little research and compared all the readily available bottled water.

It turns out Poland Spring contains the highest concentration of fluoride. Of course it does, that’s the water I’ve been drinking my entire life.

Aquafina, on the other hand, contains the lowest concentration of fluoride.

Water fluoridation poses many serious health risks so much so that 97% of Europe has banned the practice of fluoridating the water.

Some of the more serious side effects include:

  • weakens skeletal muscle
  • causes arthritis
  • toxic to the thyroid
  • calcifies the Pineal Gland (destroys consciousness and ability to use “Third Eye”)
  • harmful to fertility (destroys sperm cells)
  • damages cardiovascular system
  • negative cognitive effects

If you’re interested in learning more about the harmful side effects of water fluoridation, do yourself a favor and read the following sources:

Unfortunately, most of the water supplies in the United States contain fluoridated water so it would be very difficult to completely escape it.

The next best thing (most practical) you can do is drink the “safest” water from your local grocery store.

Here is a complete list of brands that contain little to no fluoride in their bottled water: The Hearty Soul

3. Cut Out Alcohol.

I used to drink a lot in college. I also drank in Austin and Las Vegas. At this point in my life, I’m more focused on maintaining what I have and aging gracefully because I’m all about life enhancement.

Sure, I lay it down once in a blue moon but my days of pounding them down every weekend are long gone.

Read this article on why you should avoid alcohol.

4. Use natural, fluoride-free toothpaste.

Fluoride Free Toothpaste is a health tweak you’ll be glad you made.

As evident with my water selection, I try to live my life as fluoride free as possible. The toiletries that are readily available in your local supermarket make this a bit challenging because once again they are laced with toxic fluoride.

Isn’t that amazing? It’s almost as if the secret elite are forcing your to consume products that are laced with fluoride, soy, harmful metals, and other toxic substances. It’s almost as if they want to make you an unconscious, chronically-ill zombie.

Look around and you will see every toothpaste advertised as the greatest toothpaste in the world.

“Fight cavities with extra-fluoride!”

“Extra-fluoride to help those teeth shine extra white!”

The ironic thing is that my teeth are whiter than ever since I switched to natural, fluoride-free toothpaste. Funny how that works.

These are the 2 brands I use:

Tom’s of Maine Antiplaque and Whitening Fluoride Free Toothpaste

Himalaya (2Pack) Toothpaste Neem and Pomegranate Fluoride-Free

5. Coconut Oil/Coco butter lotion.

health tweaks

Since March 2016, I have applied cocoa butter around the eye area every night before bed.

Las Vegas left me with bags, wrinkles, and crow’s feet around the eye area. Since March 2016, I have made it my nightly habit to apply cocoa butter or coconut body butter around my eye area every single night.

This is a big help long-term in the aging process (in addition to healthy lifestyle).

Here are the 2 products that I use:

Now Cocoa Butter

Trader Joe’s Coconut Body Butter

6. Cook with coconut oil.

Coconut oil is the healthy alternative to use while cooking. Butter is not a healthy option and many people make the mistake of cooking with olive oil but that turns rancid when it is heated.

There are many benefits to cooking with coconut oil, some of which include:

  • healthy source of fatty acids
  • helps reduce inflammation
  • improves memory and brain function
  • improves digestion
  • helps with weight loss

Here’s the one I’ve been using: Trader Joe’s Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

7. Nootropics.

I have used nootropics since March 2016 and haven’t looked back. They have helped me out tremendously from both a cognitive and emotional standpoint. Like drinking more water, my life has been on the upswing ever since I started using nootropics.

These are my go-to drugs of choice:

Jarrow Formula’s NAC

Jarrow Formula’s Vinpocetine

8. Vitamin D.

Lack of Vitamin D is one of the contributing factors to why so many people are chronically depressed. Think about it. Why do people who live in cold, places up North always seem to be depressed? It’s because they don’t get enough sunlight.

Dr. Brett Osborne himself personally told me to take 10,000 I.U. of Vitamin D per day so that’s what I do.

Here’s the brand I use: Kirkland Vitamin D

9. Pharmaceutical Grade Fish Oil.

Most of the fish oil you see for sale is junk. It’s not strong enough because it’s usually watered down.

This is the strongest stuff on the market. It’s pharmaceutical grade fish oil.

You can’t even get this stuff on shelves. You actually have to go to the pharmacy at your local Publix and ask the pharmacist for it.

Or you can simply order it here: Ocean Blue Professional Professional Omega-3

10. Glucosamine Knee Cream.

Heavy squatting has taken it’s toll on my knees. Every once in a while I will apply this cream to my knees before bed for a nice soothing sensation. It’s also a great form of preventative care that I strongly recommend for anyone who cares about joint health.

11. Tommie Copper Knee Sleeves.

I just started wearing these recently and no joke my knees feel like they were back when I was 18.

I wear these while I sleep.

12. Ice Bath every Sunday.

I take an ice bath every Sunday night. It toughens me the fuck up and helps reduce inflammation. Suck it up and do it pussy!

13. A little bit of cinnamon.

health tweaks

Cinnamon improves insulin sensitivity.

Recently (as in during my current dieting phase), I started adding cinnamon to my protein shakes and morning eggs. The purpose of doing this is to improve insulin sensitivity thereby aiding the fat loss process.

Read more about the health benefits of cinnamon. 

14. Pre/Post-workout carbs.

Everyone seems to be confused about when it’s okay to eat carbs. I keep it short and simple.

If you want to maintain lean body mass and lose weight, keep the carbs “centered” around your workout.

Thus, the majority of my carbs are consumed before and after my workouts.

15. Significantly reduce volume.

My days of fighting for my life in the gym are over because after nearly 11 years, I am at peace with letting my foot off the gas.

I don’t have to kill myself with volume anymore. Today, it’s all about elite level muscle contractions.

16. Machines.

This offseason was one of the more interesting ones because I had a number in mind that I said was my stopping point. I took off a lot of time at the end of 2016 and I told myself once I hit 240, I would stop there.

I started off 2017 at 216 lbs. and projected that I would hit 240 by the beginning of April.

It turns out I blew up so fast that I ended up hitting 240 (241) by early February so I switched over to machines.

The results have been quite interesting as this is the best I have ever looked or felt. In fact, because of the gym I train in, I’ve come to favor machines over free weights for a lot of body parts.

17. No technology in the bedroom.

This was the first rule I set for myself when I moved into my new place.

There is no technology in the bedroom.

It keeps my focused on resting and helps me dream big.

18. Better sleep.

This relates to my ban on technology in the bedroom. Quite frankly, I used to take sleep for granted.

I would be glued to the bright light of my smartphone screen mindlessly browsing irrelevance and texting dumb whores.

The sounds and sights of Sin City would peer through my curtains.

Now I live in the forest secluded from artificial sights and sounds.

Tonight, I will fall asleep in complete darkness to the sweet sound of rain hitting leaves.

19. Cleanliness.

Cleanliness is a health tweak with big time implications

Watch any old Strength By Sonny video and pay attention to the background. What do you see?

You see chaos. You see open draws and supplement bottles scattered across my dresser.

It was a joke at the time but I was nothing compared to who today (and who I will be tomorrow).

Today, I seek order because INFRASTRUCTURE is the key to building a bright future.

The answer is always INFRASTRUCTURE.

20. Daily stretching and movement.

Can you get taller naturally? Absolutely. You can also improve your emotional state and general confidence about your place in the world.

The war of compression is a silent war that is waged on all modern-day men. Luckily, it is a war that can be won through daily stretching and movement.

Here is the routine that men across the globe are doing every day when they wake up.

21. Say no to shampoo.

That same roommate who enlightened me about my lack of water intake also told me to stop using shampoo in my hair every single day.

“Bro, all those chemicals are terrible for you hair.”

Sure enough he was right. One day I looked in the mirror and the top of my head was showing signs of thinning.

Since then, I stopped using shampoo. After about 2 months, my hair was thicker and shinier than ever before. Imagine that!

22. Natural, Aluminum-free deodorant.

Most deodorants you see in the store contain aluminum (and other harmful metals). The big problem with this is that your body does not metabolize (break down) these trace amounts of metals over time.

Instead, they build up over time which has been shown to lead to various health problems, including cancer.

You can learn more about the health risks associated with most deodorants here.

For now, make the tweak by switching over to a natural, aluminum-free deodorant.

Here’s the one I use: Tom’s Natural Deodorant (Clean Confidence)

23. I now live in my ideal environment.

This is where the world’s greatest book will be written.

It took some bouncing around but last year I came back full circle. I lived in Hill Country. Then I lived in the desert.

Now I’m back to “just right” in the forest.

It is here where my mind, body, and spirit are in full alignment.

It is here where the world’s greatest book will be written.

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  1. May 30, 2017 at 3:00 pm — Reply

    Thanks for tip on the glucosamine cream , already purchased 2 tubes from your link to Amazon. Hey and the achol thing I’m starting to notice vids and articles on how it attracts negative forces as well . In the way the arabs pronounce it in their language ,the word ghoul is in the aribic world for alcohol . The website ” waking times ” has a pretty cool article about the root word and the spiritually damaging effects of alcohol, worth looking into sonny . Thanks for this post get that book out already!

    • May 31, 2017 at 6:26 pm — Reply

      Oh yeah. There’s a reason why alcohol is sometimes called “spirits.”

  2. Chris D.
    May 31, 2017 at 7:32 pm — Reply

    Careful with Vit. D. It is possible to overdose. I would recommend getting D3 levels checked. There’s a sweet spot involved with that “vitamin.” No less than 50 ng/mL but no more than high 90s.

    • June 1, 2017 at 6:14 pm — Reply

      Cool thanks.

  3. June 1, 2017 at 11:40 am — Reply

    Ice baths + Cold Showers are amazing after a workout!

    I’ll be picking up the knee cream and sleeves whenever I get a chance.

    I always knew about the chemicals in shampoo, I wonder what Sonny uses to clean hair? I just use some bar soap and some conditioner. I had no idea about the deodorant thing.

    • June 1, 2017 at 6:15 pm — Reply

      Yea. It’s a weird brand. I’ll post about it eventually.

  4. June 2, 2017 at 5:00 am — Reply

    […] Strength By Sonny’s “23 Health Tweaks I Have Made Since 2014” […]

  5. Ajay
    June 5, 2017 at 1:53 am — Reply

    Very nice article.

    What do you use for your hair then, any suggestions. Also there is no trader joes around my town, any other stores I can look for coconut butter, I will get it soon.

    And where do I get this Himalaya and Tom’s tooth paste if I don’t want to go through amazon.

    • June 17, 2017 at 3:11 pm — Reply

      You can get the toothpaste at Whole Foods

  6. Satish
    June 13, 2017 at 9:40 pm — Reply

    Bought the cocoa butter from amazon and started using it. How long do you keep it usually, the whole night?

    Also, nootropics. Is this recommended for everybody. Can you elaborate more on this to make the decision if it’s right for me.

    • June 17, 2017 at 3:14 pm — Reply

      Yup all night then wash off in morning.

      No. Do your research and make your own decision.

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